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Sal’s Pizza is a new take on Calgary’s favourite food, Pizza & Fried Chicken. Our founder has been in the pizza and food industry for the past 28 years. His passion for providing only the best taste and quality in food has inspired the opening of Sal’s Pizza.

We proudly serve delicious gourmet pizza in its purest form, untainted by artificial additives and preservatives. We offer health-conscious alternatives for our friends with selective diets and food allergies; such as our delicious gluten-free pizza. We are committed to bring a unique flavour to Pizza and provide an extraordinary customer experience. 

When you walk into Sal’s Pizza, you can expect a superior experience because everything, from the quality of our food to the way we do business, has been designed in the best interest of you and the environment. We’re just trying to make it a little healthier and cleaner… AND tastier! 


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